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About Skybox

Skybox is a gaming technology company co-founded by industry legend Anders Blume. We utilize cutting-edge technology to develop game changing products for players and fans that are available via our web and software platform Skybox. Skybox includes 3D match visualization and analysis software, a data analytics portal and AI prediction tools; these are seen and used by millions around the world.

We are committed to building and scaling innovative products that elevate the competitive gaming landscape. We work with AAA Game Publishers, world renowned tournament operators and the most famous esports organizations. Now, together with our diverse range of partners, we are focused on making a complete experience for fans and players that will help propel the industry into a new age!

With exciting new projects underway we are looking for new team members to jump on board and bring their passion, enthusiasm and skill to help us reach new heights!

We offer an innovative, energized and supportive work environment operating across a booming, exciting and vibrant industry.

What we offer:

Tech: We work with cutting edge languages and frameworks. We choose the tech based on the best fit for where we want to go.

Inclusivity: We want diverse inputs and ideas. We are always looking to improve our products, processes and working environment and therefore you’ll always be heard.

Balance: We want you to bring your A-game to Skybox because you have a healthy work / life balance and you love your job. This way we stay vibrant, innovative and have fun while create & scale awesome tech!

Progression: You should always feel like you’re moving forward so we encourage learning and for you to bring forward ideas to help achieve this. Part of your week will be designated for this.

Exploration: We devote part of our time to exploring new ideas that may not fit exactly into our business but tickle our interest, we believe this helps us stay innovative!

Market validation: We are close to our users and see the fruits of labor quickly. We follow and continue to improve our CICD processes to inform our decisions as we grow.

Other things: Depending where you are different perks are offered. We will continue to add new benefits and we are always up for reasonable suggestions

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